Extract Ingredient Kits

If you are a beginner, or if you prefer to brew with extract, these easy to brew Recipe Beer Kits are exactly what you need. These kits can be brewed in about 2 hours.  Each kit contains fresh, premium  malt extract, a small amount of specialty malt grains, hops, Irish Moss, and brewing instructions. You can choose to include bottling sugar (corn sugar dextrose) when you buy one of our kits, or nothing in case you plan to force carbonate the beer or use a different type of bottling sugar.

Each kit description includes information about original gravity and IBU's (International Bittering Units), to give you more information about the strength and bitterness of the beer produced by each kit. An original gravity of 1.032 to 1.042 will produce a beer with a lower alcohol content, a range of 1.043 to 1.054 will have a moderate alcohol content, and an original gravity of 1.055 or higher will produce a strong beer. Beers with a low hop bitterness will have an IBU of 30 or less, an IBU of 30 to 40 will produce a moderate bitterness, and an IBU of over 40 will produce a strong bitterness. Because the strength of the beer and your own brewing techniques influence the percieved bitterness of the finished brew, the above values are intended as a guideline only.

YEAST OPTIONS: Our kits do not include yeast because we offer so many different options. Unless you plan to buy yeast locally, you must order yeast for your kit. There are at least 2 choices of liquid yeast for all of our kits, which are referenced in the description of each kit. You also have the option to choose a different yeast style than the one suggested for the kit you order. If you prefer, you may also purchase dehydrated yeast for your kit instead of liquid. Dehydrated yeast is less expensive than liquid yeast, and stores longer, but usually produces beer of slightly lower quality than liquid yeast.



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