Standard Kegerator Kits

Kegerator kits by Keg Cowboy not only allow you to serve your homebrew or commercial beers in style, but the kegerator kits also maintain an ideal environment that will keep your beer fresh for months at a time by keeping your kegs properly sealed and chilled.

Our two-keg faucet kit dispenses two beers at the same time, while our three keg and four faucet kegerator kits, referred to as "keezer kits" or "freezorators" dispense four beers simultaneously. These kegerator kits use the latest technology found only in commercial grade TapRite regulators equipped with auto pressure release. The newly designed adjustment knob lets the pressure level to be adjusted easily by hand, with no tools required and the integrated O-ring makes worrying about fiber washers a thing of the past. The NADS US Sankey lever is an extremely high-quality handle coupler/tap that comes with a 55 PSI pressure relief valve and is equipped with a forged brass body.

Tapping the keg is very simple and easy with these kegerator kit models, requiring you to only pull out, twist and then to press down to tap your kegs of home made beer. The Kam-Loc keg lock device helps to keep the beer as fresh and ready to drink as possible, eliminating unwanted spays of beer and loss of gas. Our two, three and four faucet kegerator kits are equipped with a 5 1/8" shank with faucet assembly. The length of this piece and the quality of construction are designed to ensure your ability to accommodate both wide refrigerator doors and freezer collars, and this extra room will be yours to enjoy no matter the span of the barrier in question.

These Keg Cowboy kegerator kit models also come with a wide variety of faucet options. Customize your kegerator kit by choosing your faucet, CO2 tank size, beer tower style, beer shank size, and of course the best sanke coupler, pin lock keg, ball lock cornelius keg couplers. That is a lot of options and that is why you will get exactly what you want when you buy one of our kegerator kit models.

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