Wort Chillers

A wort chiller is a crucial brewing tool needed to quickly cool boiling wort down to a temperature where you can add yeast to let the fermentation process begin. Typically, brewers need to cool their wort down to 60-70F for Ales and 50-60°F for Lagers to pitch yeast to start fermentation.

Our plate style wort chillers are much faster that immersion chillers and cooling your wort quickly is the key to making great homebrew beer and here's why:

Even at temperatures of 130°F there are some bacteria and wild yeast that are naturally occurring and can survive at this warmer temperature. Cooling the wort prevents these unwanted visitors from entering your beer which would create unpleasant flavors and make your beer suck. With this in mind, the faster a brewer is able to cool the wort from a boiling temperature to the lower pitching temperature, the less time that contamination can occur.

How does a plate wort chiller work? Fans of the therminator™ and shirron coolers know that these wort chillers work by sandwiching the hot wort between two layers of cold water that is flowing in the opposite direction. This counterflow action causes rapid heat exchange cooling your wort at speeds that even the largest immersion wort chillers could only dream of. Keg Cowboy is proud to offer several wort chiller models including our excellent forty plate, fifty plate and sixty plate wort chillers that are made out of the same high quality materials as well known plate wort chillers at a fraction of the price. This wort chiller model will work with a pump or natural downhill gravity flow. All of the performance at a fraction of the price? What are you waiting for? Check out our smaller, very affordable 40 plate wort chiller ripping through 12 gallons of hot wort in less than five minutes at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXxfgC4ru7k&feature=colike

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